Day: 08/23/2010

So Thats How You Take Screen Shots of a iPhone4

k now i figured it out. i can take screen shots now!! hahhahha sorry guys i am a iPhone noob. laugh all you want mang… lol

Scrambling Oobie Monday,

song is whateveas,


but yea oobies oobies oobies!!! lol hahahaha


Reckless Driving,

on a Sunday drive to Irvine,


this Camry was going hella crazy on a Tundra. dont know what happened, but the driver was yelling at him, cutting him off, mad tailgating, flicking the guy off, stopping the traffic… just pure road rage on a 4 south bound. crazy people. and i was watching them cracking up and i almost smashed into a car in front of me lol hahaha glad i didnt.


Old Friends Reunion,

i was at MAX and saw Naoko-chan and Mai-chan. its been like 7 years!! glad to see you guys!! 🙂

MAXに居てナオコちゃんとマイちゃんに会った。っつーか7年ぶりだし!!また会えて良かったよ!! 🙂

Jeffy Happy Birthday My Friend,

we were at Torihei for Jeff’s birthday.


happy birthday my friend 🙂

おめでとうマイ・フレンド 🙂

beers and to the usual shochu. didnt know Torihei had shot glasses… lol


way too blurry Shuta-kn lol hahahaha


way too many people went back to Japan. Mabu-kun, Yuji, Mai-chan, Takahito, Masao-kun… the only people that is still here as the Torrance drinking team is Jeff, Shuta-kun, Yushi, and me… lol we were drinking almost every night every weekend at the izakayas and the hostess bars… ahhh good old days. but yea, again, happy birthday Jeffy!!