Day: 09/07/2010

Here and There,

for taking 1st place at IDRC drift class past weekend 🙂

先週末のIDRCのドリフトクラス一位獲得おめでとう 🙂

btw, thats the only shot from IDRC… lol nothing really special and all… i dont have any shot from GReddy fest since i forgot the damn camera lol

ちなみに、イベントで撮ったのは上の一枚だけ…(笑。これと言って撮るものもなく… GReddy Festではカメラ忘れたから一枚も撮ってないし(笑

IDRC was… to be honest, wasnt great. GReddy Fest had much more people on the go. o, nice meeting you Curtis!! thanks for following my blog 🙂 but yea, GReddy Fest was a much better out come for us. more people and more sales. IDRC was more like a picnic out to the track with friends. yea weather was hot (highest at 107F/42C) and venue was far. but still, i dont think they advertised it enough and this some what foreshadows how much readers they have under their publication. and, how many of the Californians are more interested in car shows rather then “motorsports”. kid’s hobbies are shifting away from cars these days 😦 becoming such a niche market. oh well thats what it is and got to stick with it. maybe its about time reconsidering things over here.

IDRCは…正直良くなかったねぇ。GReddy Festの方が全然人が入ってたよ。あ、カーチス初めましてでした!!いつもブログ読んでくれて有り難う 🙂 話がそれたけどw、GReddy Festの方が断然調子良かった。人も多かったし、売り上げもボチボチ良かった。確かに、土曜日の気温は107F/42Cとかなりの猛暑だったし場所も遠かったけどさ。宣伝がイマイチだったんだろぅね。それに、読者の弱さみたいなとこが見えるよねアソコの。カリフォルニア人がどれだけモータースポーツが好きなのかもうっすらと見えるよね。趣味が車のチューニングです言う人も減ったし 😦 どんどんニッチになって行くなぁーこの業界。まぁしょうがないね、なるようにしかならないか。良いタイミングなのかもね逆に。色々と考える時期かねぇ。

Her Favorite,

her favorite toy right now, the bear. she always sucks on the ear lobe lol


thanks Kentz and Kie 🙂

ケンツとキエありがとう 🙂