If You Are Under 18, Please Do Not View This Link,

the unofficial Afro99 coverage (by me 🙂 ) of Funky Fresh 2 at Hollywood Canteen is finally here!! again, thanks to Cassandra Cruz and her friend. the following pics are the “deleted scenes” from the Afro99 website. i did cover the tips and the lips.

こっからはAfro99のウェブに載せられていない、ハリウッドキャンティーンでやったFunky Fresh2の裏写真だよ。もちろん撮影者はご存知しんのすけ。今回は変態カメラマンで 🙂 ww。カサンドラ・クルーズちゃんとそのお友達、アリガトウ。上と下の色々は隠しました。

if you are under 18, please do not click the following link. i said it once kids. if you are viewing these pics and getting a hard-on when your mom steps in your room, have fun making BS excuses with your pants half way down… hahahaha


wow wow whats going on in this room lol


lap dance.


did everyone get their pics together with Cassandra? let me know if you havent. i have all the copies on my hard drive.


she’s on the stage next to the DJ.


she was very friendly.


people enjoyed it 🙂

皆楽しんでたよ 🙂

hopefully theres another on next year… lol



  1. Bahahaha I haven’t been to anything like that yet. It seems like nightclubs/lounges are a little less conservative over there than they are where I live LOL


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