Day: 09/26/2010

Monochromatic Allure,

CONNECTION x Marc Night at Bayside on Van Ness Ave and Artesia Blvd. nice and packed. happy birthday Marc 🙂 when you reverse the shiets you drank, go to the restroom and not next to a parked car outside lol hahahah but hey, congrats!!

バンネスとアーテジアの角にあるベイサイドで行われたCONNECTION x Marc Night。良い感じで人も入ってました。あ、誕生日おめでとうマーク 🙂 吐き戻す時はさ、トイレ行きなよ駐車してあるクルマの横じゃなくて(笑ww。とにかく、おめでとう!!

pics will be up on the web once they finish renewing the whole layout. for now, i edited some of the photos black and white. enjoy.


wanted to give an underground night life taste on the shots. did it work?


website will be updated with color.