Day: 10/03/2010

Farewell Tomo-chan,

Saturday was at Beaux for Tomo-chan’s farewell party.


Tomo-chan, me, and Joe.


Atsuki and Shuta.


i’ve known Tomo-chan since she came to the states. been like 5 years already. time goes by really fast. now we are both parents. and shes going back to Japan already 😦 wishing you good luck in Japan and keep in touch!!

ともちゃんとはヤツがアメリカに来た頃から知ってる。すでに5年か。早いもんだねぇー時が経つのは。気付けばうちらも人の親になってるし。気付けば日本に帰るみたいだし 😦 日本でも頑張れよともちゃん!!これからも宜しくだよ。