Day: 10/20/2010

Anyone Looking for a LSD for GDB/GRB?,

i have this brand new, not even open, OS Giken LSD sitting in my warehouse. customer flaked off on me. retail is $1590 USD. any one interested? this is for the rear LSD of GDB/GRB (EJ25). let me know if you are and i will get you a quote shortly.make sure to leave your email address if anyone is willing to leave a comment.

i will give you a OS t-shirt and a OS license plate frame with it!! lol

also, i still have those SARD RD-1 in my hands. let me know if anyone is interested as well.

Project Discussion and Review the Overview,

Tea Station meeting with Koh-chan and Kiyoshi-kun last night. discussing over the photo shoot and the next step for the project.


o, btw. do not drop your iPhone 4.

あ、ちなみに。iPhone 4落としちゃダメだよ。

not mine, but poor Koh-chan she tumbled it in the parking lot.


to fix this screen costs like $250 plus at the Apple Store…