Day: 10/21/2010

the 50/50 mission,

boy i’m on a blog role today or what? lol


helping out Ali-san here to spread the words.


currently the 50/50 mission is taking place over at Good Ink Clothing.

Good Ink Clothingで50/50ミッションが行われています。

but what is a 50/50 mission? its simple. you purchase your self a opportunity to make the world better 🙂 and of course the Good Ink Clothing products. every profit they make, 50% will be going to a charity, one shirt at a time. never thought of making donation to any where? now is the time to be a part of it. by the way, i’m ordering the BEWARE t-shirt shown above. who wants to attend sadie hawkins with me!? hahhaha 😛 but yea, lets be a part of this act and contribute to a society.

でも50/50ミッションって何って感じですよね。簡単です。社会貢献のための運動です 🙂 そして、Good Ink Clothingにも貢献されるのですが(笑。Tシャツ一枚、一枚の利益50%を募金すると言ったモノです。募金をしようと思った事はありませんか?今がチャンスでは。ちなみに、上のBEWAREティーシャツ俺買う。お揃いでクラブに行きたいヤツはどいつだッ!?ww 😛 まぁそれはさておき、これを機に社会貢献してみては。

did i sound like an solicitor? lol



It’s Easier to Make Money Copying,

darn embedding is disabled by request 😦

ブログに組み込めないようになってるな 😦

well, heres what the video is about. Chinese so called “Painters” are selling the long time famous artist’s work. such as Van Gogh and da Vinci. apparently, the copy right of the art work is not held after 50 years (was it 50?) after the author pasts away. but hey, dont see any respect from these so called “painters”. whats up China.


some guy mentions that it’s easier to make money by copying stuffs. thats not right. Steve-san had a good point the other day. the people are actually paying money to buy the Chinese counterfeit stuffs. which is really sad these days.

but yea, no wonder take copy EVERYTHING. Disney stuffs and other animation, auto parts, actual cars, game console, snacks, paints… geesh.


1 Lap in the 1,

Berk Technology BMW 135i with Mike-san by MotoIQ.

Redline Time Attack season has 2 more to go. Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA and Auto club Speedway in Fontana, CA. won’t be attending Infineon (too far for me to drive lol), but Auto Club, will do 🙂 gotta figure a way to spot a lens… wish i could buy that 400 2.8 in cash right now… lol oh well, i’ll figure out something.