the 50/50 mission,

boy i’m on a blog role today or what? lol


helping out Ali-san here to spread the words.


currently the 50/50 mission is taking place over at Good Ink Clothing.

Good Ink Clothingで50/50ミッションが行われています。

but what is a 50/50 mission? its simple. you purchase your self a opportunity to make the world better 🙂 and of course the Good Ink Clothing products. every profit they make, 50% will be going to a charity, one shirt at a time. never thought of making donation to any where? now is the time to be a part of it. by the way, i’m ordering the BEWARE t-shirt shown above. who wants to attend sadie hawkins with me!? hahhaha 😛 but yea, lets be a part of this act and contribute to a society.

でも50/50ミッションって何って感じですよね。簡単です。社会貢献のための運動です 🙂 そして、Good Ink Clothingにも貢献されるのですが(笑。Tシャツ一枚、一枚の利益50%を募金すると言ったモノです。募金をしようと思った事はありませんか?今がチャンスでは。ちなみに、上のBEWAREティーシャツ俺買う。お揃いでクラブに行きたいヤツはどいつだッ!?ww 😛 まぁそれはさておき、これを機に社会貢献してみては。

did i sound like an solicitor? lol




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