Day: 12/11/2010

Long Day it Was,

woke up 4 in the morning, left the house around 4:30 to be at the office before 5 (which he came late) and drove down to City of Industry for Autocon. my car was to be boothed for BRIDE and WEDS.

4時に起きて、5時集合に間に合わすために4時半には家出て(約一名遅刻しましたが)City of Industryまでレッツらゴー。しんちゃん号はBRIDEとWEDSのブースでの展示。

we we’re waiting at the wrong entrance lol hahha no wonder nobody else was there in the lot.


aaand here we are, in the parking structure underneath.


isnt my car shiny? cleaned it for once 🙂

クルマぴきあってね?洗ったぜ 🙂

thought i was going to get pulled over for that huge LSD letter lol once Non was distributing the OS products, the packages were stuck on customs because of that LSD writing lol


lot of peeps liked this color.


i like my gun metal side SA55M better 😛

俺はガンメタSA55Mの方が好きだな 😛

the booth’s half.


and the other half.



We’re Here,

we were told to be there by 6:30 and we are here early. no one is here… lol i see Justin’s car but the lot is blocked off… where the hellz are you!?

6:30集合言われてちょっと早めに到着。でも誰も居ない…笑。ジャスティン号あるけど入り口が塞がれてる… どこやねん皆ッ!!