Prom Night NYE 2011 at Exchange LA,

with my man DJ Benkay.

DJ Benkayさんと。

the venue was literally packed. filled with people top to bottom. 2000 tickets sold, 40 table reservations, and more. what a night.


camera, Canon EOS 7D

lens, Carl Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2, Sigma 50mm F1.4EX DG HSM, EF-S, 18-55mm F3.5/5.6

flash, Canon Speedlite 580EX II

others, Canon ST-E2 Transmitter

tagged along to shoot video footage. since the photos were not the main plan, i will be posting them in the blog today as a personal coverage. it was fun shooting last night. especially with the new lens 🙂 but yea, heres the shots from new years eve.

ビデオ撮影のため一緒についてまわっとりました。写真が今回はメインでは無かったので、個人的に色々ブログの方にアップしよ思います。楽しく撮れましたよ。とくに新しいレンズ 🙂 まぁ、そんなわけで大晦日での写真です。

colors, black and white.


if you are viewing this from the top page, click the link below to continue for more photos. if not, just ignore it and continue on.


drinking champagnes on the 4th floor of the club.


its PACKED lol


balloon leaked before midnight lol


i think she liked me… lol


c’mon quit hiding yo oobies i didnt even try to shoot the clevage… hahahaha


she wanted to take a photo with me… is she a fan of mine? lol


dirty tables, drunk peeps. club was on until 3 am.


all the video clips will be edited by someone else. i should practice on my own as well editing videos.


2010 was full of night life photography for me. probably 2011 will be as well.


happy new years everyone.



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