Day: 01/30/2011

Saturdays at Exchange LA, I Hate Taking Souvenir Photos


Saturdays at Exchange LA.

not as the house photographer, but for DJ Benkay and DJ Coke-E.

クラブ専属ってわけでなくて、DJ BenkayとDJ Coke-Eの撮影へ。

venue was crazily packed as usual.


click on the following link to review more shots.


if you were to visit this link direct, just ignore and scroll on.



Back Home,

from Exchange LA. Exchange LAから。 2011’s first photo shoot done. shot DJ Benkay and DJ Coke-E tonight. editing photos and videos tomorrow. time to sleep. 2011年初撮影終了です。今夜はDJ BenkayとDJ Coke-E。写真と動画の編集は明日やります。お眠の時間ですねん。