Month: February 2011

CONNECTION at Bayside,

the floor was literally packed. who ever i elbowed on the head, i’m sorry it was an accident.


new from Pioneer. will be released next month.


dance dance dance!!



Don’t You Dare to Steal My Sammich,

Polic Log, Palos Verdes Peninsula + Lomita.

the article reads, “Commercial burglary. 3pm Feb 16 to 7am Feb 17, 5600 block of Crestridge Road. entry through an unlocked door. a sandwich was reported stolen. a salami pack and cheese sticks were reported stolen and recovered”

nothing else but a sammich was stolen. and it was recovered the following day… lol hahahhaha i cant imagine police deputies are actually searching for a sammich lol

Some People Doesnt Even Know What a Business License is,

been getting corny emails from our so-called “potential” customers regarding dealer inquiries. some of them, dont even know what a EIN is and dont even have a business license. how can they manage to start a business with such knowledge… yes i really appreciate the fact they want to push our products. BRIDE, Kansai, Splash, Moonface, Tommy Kaira etc etc etc. but with their knowledge, i dont even want to deal with them to be honest. back in the days when OS first came to the US, random people were complaining about the little “noises” that comes from their car… come on, if you dont understand the product purpose, dont even bother to install them. waste of my time and energy. and the next thing they ask for is a deepest discount to compete against others. but then, they do not have the capabilities of clearing the initial buy-in. they might have friends that are interested asking for hook-ups. but after that, their market is finished.

internet business these days, seriously.