Day: 03/10/2011

Familia Car Required,

i’ve been debating on whether or not to trade in my Z for another baby ride-able car. or to keep it as is and use the wifey mobile, 4Runner-san.


first choice, Lexus IS-F. the current model has the tach meter on the center with the zero on the very bottom. mmmm sexy. its a bit out of my budget though… 😦 plus its a bit small when you have kids in there. and the trunk space is minimal. but its automatic and wifey can drive as well.

第一候補、レクサスIS-F。現行モデルはタコメーターのゼロ指針は下向き。いやぁーかっこイイな。予算オーバー気味ですが… 😦 それに子供乗せるとじゃっかん小さい。トランクの面積も狭い。でもオートマだし嫁ハンも乗れるか。

more realistically, the STi.


yes 6spd compared to the paddle shitter on the IS-F. 4wd and i love hatch-backs. but would i really want to pay something close to a 40k? if i were to i should have kept my AVC-R on my GTI… damn. i know i will be spending more money if i get the STi…


a Mercedes C300 6spd maybe. yea its a 4door sport sedan and its 6spd!! maintenance cost will be higher i guess… you need a special tool to this and that and etc. already had enough hassle with the VW before. but man C63AMG is hot… lol


…no just kidding lol