Day: 03/11/2011

Earthquake Continues,

been stuck on the news all day…

theres been several aftershocks. and it averages about magnitude 5… this is insane. theres been a huge fault line, tsunamis wiping couple cities, more and more people are found injured… what scares me is the nuke plant may throw a evacuation plan. heard that on a news while ago. they are saying that the pressure of the energy chamber on one of the plants is increasing and they may have to release the valve in order to prevent the explosion. and theres still an earthquake alert…

sucks that we can’t really do anything but to watch and pray for them. and i still have people that i cant get a hold of.

i will continue to use the SNS to help the disaster in Japan. phone lines are down, but twitter and facebook seems to be working fine. i’ve been using twitter to forward information and messages to my followers.

lets all pray for Japan.