Month: May 2011

That’s Just Gangsta,

re-post from Rogan-san’s. thats gangsta. home made dyno, a choo choo train exhaust and some how does that thing get cooled in the back yo intercooler-ed turbine… lol crazy guys out there.


Lotus Cup USA, Auto Club Speedway,

with the Redline and Moto IQ people, members from the Lotus Cup USA was running the track. mmmm i love Lotus. wish i can fit and i’d buy it lol but yea, here’s the shots from the Lotus Cup cars. enjoy.

レッドラインとMoto IQと一緒にロータスカップUSAの人達もサーキット走ってた。いややっぱイイねロータス。体は入れば買うのになぁー(笑。とまぁ、ロータスカップの写真です。どうぞ。


Time Attack-ness, Auto Club Speedway

went to Auto Club Speedway for the past two days.


well eh, enough words and lets have the pics do all the talking.


here’s a set of the Redline Time Attack, Pro Track Challenge/Pro Time Attack, and Moto IQ PTCC.

これはレッドラインタイムアタック、プロ・トラックチャレンジ/プロ・タイムアタックにMoto IQ PTCCのセットです。

equipment used: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L HSM, Canon 18-55mm F3.5/5.6 IS, 1.4 tele-converter.

使った機材: Canon EOS 7D, Canon 70-200mm F2.8L HSM, Canon 18-55mm F3.5/5.6 IS, 1.4テレコン。


Art of Motorsport, Redline Time Attack Day One,

quick edit of the shots from today. a lot more open areas for the media people today.


some of the usual guys and some of the new comer guys running the track. o yea, Lotus Cup was here. whole row of garage was invaded by Lotus. wish i can fit in one LOL


by the way,

it was nice seeing you Alex!! 🙂 thanks for always following my blog. it was a great pleasure to meet you. shoot me over a email regarding the FX seat rail!! i will check back with the details when i’m back in the office 🙂

and yes, the oobies!! hahahah