Day: 05/11/2011

Sexay Mama RS4,

randomly searching for a used Audi RS4.


still over 40k… lol


i was set for the CT200h. although i heard its small… very small. the luggage space (without the seats collapsed) is very limited for a hatchback. thought it was a IS chassis base but it seems to be a Prius base. will no wonder the base price was around 28k. forget you now. rather get the Audi A3 TDI or a A4 Avant.

CT200hで決まった、はずなのに。小さいと来たもんだ…。かなり小さいらしい。ハッチバックのわりにはトランク要領(シートたたむ前)がかなり小さいらしい。ISベースだと思ってたらプリベースなのね。まぁ、値段も安いもんねCT。ベースは300万以下だし。もういらん。アウディ先生のA3 TDIかA4アバントだな。

Almost One,

she’s almost one years old.


tethering test with Lightroom and Capture One.

LightroomとCapture Oneでのテザー撮影テスト。

personally, Capture One is easier for me to use i guess…

個人的にはCapture Oneの方が使いやすいかなぁ、と…

i need to explore more in the Lightroom!!