Day: 05/28/2011

Darren Heath is Such a Cool Guy,


he replies back 🙂 if you dont know him, search on google or what ever and browse his works. its amazing.

返信してくれる 🙂 知らない人はグーグルとかで検索してみて。神様です。

Art of Motorsport, Redline Time Attack Day One,

quick edit of the shots from today. a lot more open areas for the media people today.


some of the usual guys and some of the new comer guys running the track. o yea, Lotus Cup was here. whole row of garage was invaded by Lotus. wish i can fit in one LOL


by the way,

it was nice seeing you Alex!! 🙂 thanks for always following my blog. it was a great pleasure to meet you. shoot me over a email regarding the FX seat rail!! i will check back with the details when i’m back in the office 🙂

and yes, the oobies!! hahahah