Day: 06/10/2011

Some Kid Couldn’t Turn and Smacked a Parked Car, Ran into a Pole

the Miata right there… i don’t know what happened. i was smoking outside the apartment and heard tires screeching and some bang bangs. decided to go take a rubberneck and saw this. a left turn skid marks, all the way to the parked Corolla, on to the parking space. seems like the kid busted an under steer with his Miata and smacked the Corolla,  lost control and landed at that pole. poor kid, he had McDonalds ready in his passenger seat… must be painful eating McDonalds by himself after the embarrassing crash lol


there were like 30 onlookers. one police, and two fire trucks came afterwards. must be embarassed.


now more people are saying asians can’t drive lol