Day: 06/22/2011

Day Two with the Highlander,

starting to like it. and started to think of mods i want to do… lol definitely i want those running boards, roof racks and the hood protector shades. also HID and some huge fogs off-roading style. o yea WEDS have those Hase Spec wheels… mmm tempting. but its a wifey mobile. cant do something thats over exaggerating… lol

気に入って来た。そしてどうイジろうか考えてる…笑。絶対にあのランニングボードは欲しいし、ルーフラックもボンネットプロテクターシェードも欲しい。あとHIDにデッカいオフロードちっくな。あ、WEDSのホイールあるじゃんHase Spec… 欲しい。まぁでも嫁号だからハデな事は出来ないな…笑

its hella roomy compared to my Z. went to CVS last night to get some waters and some cokes (5 for $13) and those fitted in my drunk without a doubt. the Z were packed when i had 48 bottles of water and 5 case of cokes.


its sports shift feels better the IS350 my mom drives. much more responsive. doesnt go into 1st until its below 23 or 22miles but who cares its an SUV. i only use them for down shift anyways.