Day: 07/06/2011

The New Timeless,

i want a PEN…


a friend asked me to about her new investment towards a SLR and i recommended the Olympus PEN, which i shouldnt have. now I WANT it lol the spirit in words are hella strong i guess. dammit Yui… lol


been wanting a camera that i can carry without a hassle. all the recent cameras i bought are nice and compact (like the Retina III i got few months back) but its film and running costs are huge. wish i can afford a Leica M9 but not yet. just not yet… not sure how long but just not there yet…  lol

持ち運びしやすいカメラが欲しかったんだよねぇー。最近買ったカメラとかコンパクトなの多いんだけど(数ヶ月前に買ったRetina IIIとかね)、フィルム台がかさむ。ライカのM9とか買えたらイイんだけどねー…まだだな。まだそんな余裕は無い。いつになるのかわからないけどまだそんな余裕は無い…笑