Day: 07/20/2011

Had to Kill the Shot, Sorry

look carefully behind the Tomei poster thingy behind the white Evo X… Shino sighting lol


thanks for the pic Matt!!


check our Tomei’s MOD 2011 coverage here.


High Voltage,

Canon EOS 7D, Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2, with Capture One Pro 6

Shinka is being hyper lately. giggling screaming kicking and smacking, throwing stuffs and even hiding lol i’m scared of the crazy2s now… 🙂 she’s babbling a of words now. kids are fast.

心花は最近とてもアゲアゲ。笑って叫んで叩いて蹴って物投げて隠したりもする(笑。噂の2歳からが怖い… 🙂 っつーか最近色々と喋ろうとする。子供って早いねぇー。

she’s already 14months now.