Day: 09/08/2011

Drifting Drifting Drifting Been So Long Since,

i was flipping through the archives to search for some R32, R35 photos and found a folder of Formula D Red Bull championship back in November 2008. i still remember the event was filled with ashes from the mountain fire and damn exhaust fumes that was about to kill me lol top shot is of Takatori-san in his R34 🙂

R32とかR35の写真を探すためアーカイブをぱらぱら探してたら2008年11月に行われたフォーミュラーDレッドブルチャンピオンシップのフォルダーを発見。レース当日は山火事の影響で灰が降りっぱなしで排気ガスを吸い続け死ぬかと思った(笑。上は高取さんのR34 🙂

the location was awesome with the industrial back ground in Long Beach. we had to take the bus from the convention center.


thats a sick angle. and he made it through the clip. awesomeness.




haven’t shot drifting for a while. hrmmm… should i go Formula D this year or not…