Japon Day 2, Chiba to Aichi

why does it have to always rain during my business trip?


headed to Narita airport to fly in to Nagoya Central Airport.


our flight has been delayed due to snow in other port. guy was knocked out. wifi service cost 500 yen so i say fuk it.


took a bus from the gate to the plane. was pretty awesome driving by the 747 and others.


and here i am cloudy Toyota-city lol


Toyota Castle was a really nice, roomy hotel. seems like its the best and most expensive in the city. thank you Ohno-san!!

Toyota Castleめちゃめちゃキレイで広かった。どうやらこの辺で一番高いらしい。大野さんアザッス!!

monday was pretty much a half day shooting emails from the hotel.


getting used to the M8 little by little.



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