My Daughter Stole My Minox Leica 5.0,

Canon EOS 7D + Zeiss Distagon 35mm F2

Canon EOS 7D + 17-40mm F4L

you break it, you buy daddy M9-P.




  1. This is my first zeiss lens and it won’t be my last. It makes all my canon L glass feel inferior. I can tell you already I am looking into the 21mm, 100mm macro,50mm, and 85…I am getting incredible results out of the 35. It has that 3d quality everyone talks about with Zeiss. Manual focusing has not been a problem. It seriously hasn’t come off my camera since I purchased.

    1. I sure am a Zeiss fan too!! 85 is a must for me. but i am saving up for another body so once that’s paid off, i will start fully migrating to the Zeiss.


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