The Famous OS Giken R2D2 Rides FT86,

photo credit to Tomimatsu-san. OS had a quick test drive of the FT86 or the so called FR-S in the US.


hello R2D2!! if you are not familiar, search on YouTube for “OS Giken SEMA 2011” and there’s a video i made.

お疲れっすR2D2!!知らない人はYouTubeで”OS Giken SEMA 2011″で検索して下さい。僕が作ったビデオあります。

R2D2 sure did enjoy the ride.



  1. やめてくれ!

    俺は、こんなに太って無い~ はず???


    1. it’s been a while!!
      the theme i’m currently using has a width less than 640 pixels. I tend to resize the pics to 640x whatever and it sticks out from the column… lol but, i kinda like it and probably will keep it as is for now.


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