Day: 10/02/2012

Toyota EV P002,

new EV record for the Pikes Peak, 10:15:380. well, interesting. regardless of the car, it sucks that the course has been resurfaced. Seems like there is more of the EVs out there where people talked shiet about before lol GreenGT will be running a hydrogen fuel cell machine in Le Mans and i thought some other team (Pugeot maybe?) be runing also the FC race car. fuel cell race car… creat a fusion for higher combustion rate? lol

パイクスピークのE V車新記録10:15:380。中々立派では。車がどーのこーのよりもコース舗装されちゃったのが残念に思いますね。ってか、EV車が増えてるねあんだけボロカス言ってたのにw。GreenGTじゃ来季から水素FCのレースカー走らせるらしいし。プジョーもなかったっけかFC系?フューエル・セルのレース車両…核融合の爆発で馬力アップ?笑