Month: January 2013

New Phone,

got the Lumia 920 today. good bye my iPhone 4 and hello Windows 8 mobile. your interface rocks but somewhat difficult to use… lol

きょうLumia920ゲッツ。さよならiPhone、そしてようこそWindows 8けいたい。インターフェイがメチャメチャカッコいいけどじゃっかん使いにくいぞw

Vancouver Trip,

Vancouver, again.


mind as well just station me there lol


good night.


it was foggy. i’m stoked on the accuracy of those landing sensor or whatever it’s named as.


funk amazing room at Four Seasons, 26th floor.

くそッパないFour Seasonsの26階。

meetings ALL day so not much time to snap some photos, hence morning shots.


she had a Death Note messenger bag…


we managed to finish the meetings a day in advance (because we are so awesome) and a day early. should have stayed a day longer so that I can build my street photography portfolio. oh well, will be there again next month or so. till then, Vancouver!!