Month: March 2013

FC EXPO 2013,

yes of course i was working when i was in Japan. went to FC Expo for few meetings and swung by at PV Expo and others.

interesting event. seems like it was Japan’s first time holding a Wind Energy expo. there was also photovoltaic power generation energy, smart grid, machinery, fuel cell, etc. lot of those clean energy/renewable energy stuffs. but boy it was a huge event (took me 3 days and didnt finish walking the whole thing…). i can’t even imagine myself being in this kind of expo (yea i’m use to SEMA and HIN, SCCA etc. LOL).


Japan Trip Photos in courtesy of Lumia 920,


miso katsu in Nagoya!!


didnt really have time to post all the pics from Japan so here it is.


Helm and Sons,

went to the carnival near our apartment. of course, with my new (used) 28mm Elmarit 4th. i  did tweak around on the top photo but following, just extracted to jpeg from raw. lens is amazing!!


can’t wait to shoot more.


Weapon of Choice, 28mm Elmarit (4th),

found it, bought it. Thank you Silvio!!


last model before the asph 5th version. 6bit coding? No worries I don’t need it!!


Reach the Sky,

dashing to catch the sky.


little one’s first time getting splashed by bubbles LOL


suspect still at huge ( was attacked multiple times).


family time is always great.


after using Leica as my main unit, i really admire the autofocus LOL



Home Sweet Home,

have not being able to spend family time over the past few weeks. sorry girls. daddy needs to go to one more business trip and should be home for a while. at least for a month.


she’s growing fast, too.