Day: 03/09/2013

Hair Cut,

Thanks always Kiyomi-san and Jun Hair Salon!! 🙂 been more than 20 years now. She’s like my big sister.

Prepped for my Vancouver round 2 starting tomorrow (with my new cut). Hopefully I don’t catch a cold with my lost heating chamber i.e. my hair.

Vancouver Round 1,

just came back from my Vancouver trip round 1. will be headed back there again tomorrow. and possibly the following week. running like a headless chicken here!!


but of course i won’t forget my photographic opportunity in Vancouver. i love Vancouver downtown.


of course every time i make a visit here, it’s raining.


blurs can be effectively used…


my favorite.


every time i shoot a bird, it’s wings are flapped closed… lol i normally keep my M8 at S and use the discreet mode but maybe i should start using C instead.


see you back on Sunday Vancouver! not sure if i will be able to wonder around creeping up on people but… we’ll see.