Day: 04/06/2013

M8 IR Photo Test,

just got the Hoya R72 filter for the 28mm Elmarit (pre-asph). thanks again Silvio!!


M8’s only weakness, infrared (and the bulky battery charger which suck for traveling). well, let’s take it as advantage and shoot something the new M and M9s cant’d do 🙂

M8の唯一の弱点、赤外線(それと出張なんかでかさばる無駄にデカい充電器)。でも、それを新型MとかM9とかで撮れない写真のアドバンテージとすればいいじゃない 🙂

sky’s black, leaves are white.


this is awesome!! i did tweak around from the original photo.


now i feel like going into a middle of desert shooting camels under the bright sky.