Leica M8 x Vancouver,



a pretty hectic way to start 2014 for me. business trips, phone conference 3 times a week or sometimes more, visitors, paper works, reports, budgets and so on. i will need to use my spare time indeed during the trip. morning, afternoon. of course with my little friend, Leica M8.




this time was during the Chinese New Year month. Pacific Centre (i love how they write it as ‘centre’ instead of ‘center’) next to the Four Seasons  had this big banzai-ing lady statue or whatever you called those in the front lobby  next to the coffee shop on Georgia St. side.

こん時は丁度チャイニーズニューイヤー手前。Four Seasonsホテル隣にあるパシフィックセンター(カナダではcenterをcentreと書く、カッコいい)にはバンザイ気味のデッカいなんつーのか置物?がジョージア通り入入り口ロビーのコーヒー屋さん前に飾ってあった。







my view at the Four Seasons 26th floor is foggy as usual… mehh oh well.

Four Seasonsホテル26階の部屋からは相変わらずの霧…しゃーない。

below are some other shots (didnt have much time to shoot).





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