2014 Muscle Milk TWMX Spring Cup,


had a recent gig of motocross with the famous rider Sayaka Kaneshiro. I was stoked to see her take off the ramp literally 6ft away from me. it was such a pleasure to shoot.


when the bikes were taking off the ramp high in the air, it reminded me of the Masked Rider series where the super hero rides a motorcycle running over the villains. By the way the bikes were sponsored and probably still is sponsored by Honda. Anyways, popped my virginity of shooting a motocross this day. i’ve shot mainly cars (shooting motorsports was my roots to begin photography), running girl (i made her run), and revolving sushi. but not motocross. not knowing the rules and course was pretty difficult for me. i like it. rocks and dirts flying every corners, you get that tension from the rider, and simply they fly.



here’s a quick gallery. more photos from the event to come soon. still haven’t processed it.


equipments used was Canon 1D Mark III with 70-200 F2.8L, Canon 7D with 16-40mm F4L for the track and Leica M8 with 28mm Elmarit off-track.

使用した機材はCanonの1D Mark IIIに70-200 F2.8L、7Dに16-40mm F4Lをコースで。コース外はライカM8に28mmエルマリートです。





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