Day: 09/20/2014



because motorcycle is prohibited in my household… lol plus i need to be back in shape! been biking almost every day now once the kids are asleep. and hence my bad habit begins, modding this bad boy. really surprised how cheap these parts are! this being a single speed/ fixed gear, too but still.

drop bars, smaller gear ratio, those clip on pedals and shoes, etc. but first, i need a bottle holder.



buddy papa Kenji threw a seafood themed BBQ today. man those bacon wrapped scallops were awesome! what’s more awesome was Joe. cute  (but vicious when it comes to food lol) little pit bull hanging next to me.


thanks for hosting Kenji!


Btw, the shot was taken with my HTC One M8. this camera is great! sharp and detailed, natural depth of field. and it works like a TLR.

ちなみに、写真はHTC OneのM8で撮りました。このカメラ良い!シャープで情報量も多くて被写界深度も自然。んで二眼レフみたいな設計。