about shinnosuke

hello all. this page explains a little more about me.


my name is shinnosuke jon fujisawa. since its a little long, you can call me shino. i am a american born japanese mixed with a korean gene in me. i currently work at an automotive after market industry positioned as sales and marketing manager. i personally am a freelace designer, photographer and also translator as well. started my exporting side of business as well (mainly auto parts and machinery).


my portfolio website for the photography side,



i am fond of shooting pool, photography of course, 2d designing, cars, music, etc.


at this blog, i will be posting about my personal life (maybe not too personal) and will be sharing many thoughts and stuff. sometimes will be sharing some movie from youtube, sharing a picture, sharing my art work, event coverage, etc. the post will be so random.. hahha. but please enjoy and feel free to comment on my posts. anyone and everyone is more then welcome.




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