Roll’n On the Knock-Offs,

so, i got this message through a friend of mine.

message reads as follows,

“Since My seats have arrived they are taken apart to be painted and cleared. I’m also adding a few comfort things to the racing seats. The seats are Very good knock offs. Strafe sells them for 1400 shipped. I am also going to use a Replica harness because I’m going to add the Strafe logo instead. These are my thoughts who cares where or what these 2 items are? I’m not going to track my car so who cares if they are real or knock offs I mod everything and why waste the money. The seats are sick. $1400 shipped is best part.. Now what Foo?”

now what foo?  the hell think you are.


oh, btw here’s the link to a build using this replica shiets.

the message buddy sent me was embedded from this thread.

amazing eh?

cant even take pictures correctly.

i dont understand why the thread viewers are commenting with “amazing ride, cant wait for the build to be done, etc etc” are they bunch of fags on the G35 forums? its a piece of shit lol is the car even a real G35? lol maybe its a knock-off. who knows. either way its a bad reputation for Infiniti. not a great way to start marketing for a used G35 cars…

but yea, if anyone is planning to buy a seat from Strafe Automotive (btw his name is Lawrence aka Law), go for it. its replica. who knows whats going to happen.  i’ve seen couple that snapped in half before. if you die, you die. dont blame it on me.

good luck hard parkers.


The Gap We Have vs. End User Needs,

been talking about this gap we have with them. a FIA approved EXAS III but with a larger waist size. or, doesnt have to be FIA. can be accommodated with SFI regulation which lot of NASCAR peeps uses as well. currently under our line of products, there is no race certified (FIA, SFI etc) seat that fits into a small car such as a Mazda Miata or a Honda S2000, where a lot of track demands are high. they can just close off their glove box and strip off the door panles maybe? lol but now the problem is the waste sizing. our seat, the typical Asian size, is not a US friendly size along with the height of the shoulder bolsters.

think big people dont drive a small car? they actually love the small cars as myself being 6’3 half sized 1/4 Korean mixed Japanesian with a waist size of 38-40. tall people drives Lotus Exige in Europe. fat peeps drives a Miata here in US. small people drives a Hummer H2 in Japan lol such a high demand big people have for a small car. and majority dont fit in our seat lol and thats why other companies such as RECAROs and SPARCOs (with FIA certification) is still a top notch seller out there in the motorsports market and we have more name on the show car market. which is sad. i’ve been wanting to close off this gap so it will open up to more variety of end users.

but, yea tooling cost and other mucho dineros seeks behind this production. how should i pull this out from them in this such recession moments… even if i was able to spot a funding source (which i already have actually), they’d be conservative and just leave a grin in my face. or even if i earn a actual GO for the production, shiet takes time to make a seat. just like the XL ZETA III we have. took 2 years, and thats a pretty darn long time frame for a end user to actually wait for the seat to come out. and users have switched to other manufactures which is understandable. i would. cant be waiting that long.




advertise, advertise lol

recently, we came out with a new classy type of the ZETA III. it is the Japan series. the seat cover is suede (same material as the 370Z door panels and other suede that Nissan/Infiniti uses) with the carbon alamid shell. this is, like the normal ZETA III, is compatible with the 5pt seat harness. Hans is adaptable, too. ZETA III Japan retails at $1200 USD. not bad for a carbon seat as if it was from our line lol normally the ZETA III cfrp type retails at $1750 USD. oh, and its FIA approved 🙂

最近、新しいシート出しました。ZETA IIIのハイエンド版のJapanシリーズです。シートカバーは日産純正(Z34のドアパネルとか)のスウェード素材。シートのシェルはアラミド繊維。通常のZETA III同様5点式のハーネスを使用可能です。ハンズも使えます。USでの定価は$1200。他のカーボンのフルバケと比べるとなかなかお安い。通常ZETA IIIのカーボン版は定価$1750なんで。あ、それと、FIA公認です 🙂

Huntington Beach Mitsubishi Meet,

so, i guess there was a meet at Huntington Beach Mitsubishi.


got these pics from Jason today.


the forwarded files titled, MexicanEvo_shoot… lol wtf hahaha


boy she looks sooo short lol could be standing on my palms.


babe you need to learn different poses if your gonna model for cars…


arrrrr bite your fingers!! hahhaha


special thanks to Charles, Jason, and Shaun 🙂 thanks for the support guys!!!

Fake Fake Fake, S2CarbonWorks,

another spotting of the fake BRIDE seats.

all the BRIDE seats listed here is FAKE. who ever bought them from here bragging your car is a true JDM now, too bad. its TRD ( Taiwan Research & Duplicate) product.

under the seat was Accessories section with “GRADATION” RED fabric. do you know what a gradation is? its darker color to lighter color or vise versa. that is NOT a gradation you guys have it listed there. you guys should take art classes in kindergarten so the teachers will hold your hands and use body language (since S2Carbon guys seem to not understand english) to teach you what a gradation is. but hey, no worries guys.  i’ve seen worse. people couldnt even say gradation. they say GRADUATION… lol hahahaha sure you guys are in a need of diplomas.

please, no fake.

Geesh Copy Copy Copy,

buddy Rogan-san fowarded me this link.

so, Aero Designs. whats up with them? copying our style like that. not even copying but placing their logo on and offering sponsorship? whats more disappointing is them (sounds like YouJizz) is not a place to rep your drift and brag about it anymore but rep the copy products and offer sponsorship. lame. so lame.

What Happens to Fake Shiets After a While,

heres what happened to those fake shiets after a while.


who ever purchased these, remember that our spare parts wont fit.


contact who ever made these fake-ass.


BRIDE Goes to Belgium,

i just found a pic from Belgium where i sold a pair of BRIDE EXAS III for.

ベルギーにBRIDEのEXAS IIIを買って頂いたお客さんの写真を見つけた。

special thanks to Ronnie 🙂

ロニーさん有難うございます 🙂

nice driveway btw.