Happy Early Mother’s Day,

an early Mother’s Day gift for the wifey, Fujifilm X10.

ちょっと早い母の日のプレゼント、富士フィルム X10。

she loves it and is already out for a walk with Shinka.


i almost forgot how autofocus is EASY lol


and no i didn’t give her the $20.





Day 1 with M8,

lens came in (Voigtlander Nokton Classic 35mm F1.4/Single Coat) and firmware updated to 2.014, i’m ready to enjoy my first Leica and my second range finder experience!! first was my 195 Polaroid Land Camera btw. loving the camera. definitely will be carrying this around with me unlike my 7D.

レンズ(フォクトレンダーのノクトンクラシック35mm F1.4/シングルコート)届いたしファームウェアー2.014にアップしたし、初ライカ楽しむ気満々だぜ!!レンジファインダー自体は2台目。最初は195ポラロイドランドカメラです。素敵やんライカ。確実に持ち歩くね7Dと違って。

gotta need to get use to it day by day.


Profoto D1 Air and 5D2,


came in. no i didnt buy it but rent. super thanks to!! i’m loving you guys as usual.


getting ready for this saturday. the Academy Awards 🙂

今週土曜日の準備でちょっぴりバタバタ。アカデミー賞撮るぜ 🙂

The New Timeless,

i want a PEN…


a friend asked me to about her new investment towards a SLR and i recommended the Olympus PEN, which i shouldnt have. now I WANT it lol the spirit in words are hella strong i guess. dammit Yui… lol


been wanting a camera that i can carry without a hassle. all the recent cameras i bought are nice and compact (like the Retina III i got few months back) but its film and running costs are huge. wish i can afford a Leica M9 but not yet. just not yet… not sure how long but just not there yet…  lol

持ち運びしやすいカメラが欲しかったんだよねぇー。最近買ったカメラとかコンパクトなの多いんだけど(数ヶ月前に買ったRetina IIIとかね)、フィルム台がかさむ。ライカのM9とか買えたらイイんだけどねー…まだだな。まだそんな余裕は無い。いつになるのかわからないけどまだそんな余裕は無い…笑