Art of Clean Premiere Issue,

Allen-san’s web magazine premiere here 🙂

アレンのウェブマガジンのプレミア号です 🙂

check the full mag from the link below!


JOYRICH Summer Sale @ QIO,

my shots are in the video!! 🙂

俺の撮った写真がビデオに!! 🙂

how do i post videos from vimeo!? i cant… 😦 hrmmmm

どうやってvimeoの動画載せるの!?出来ない… 😦 う~ん

i cant use the html tag…


o well, here s the link.


special thanks to Kohei from JOYRICH and Teppei from Chokusen!!



after making a stop at NISEI WEEK on Saturday, we made another stop at Beverly Hills Center to look around stuff. i was just amazed how expensive theREPLAY jeans were. $600 + for a jeans? naw mang.

NISEI WEEKに行った土曜日は、その足でビバセンまで行きました。ブラブラしに。っつーかREPLAYのジーパンがどんだけ高いかって驚愕した。ジーパン一本に$600+てあんた。無理x2。

at Forever XXI, with Kana-chan 🙂 didnt know they had men’s wear now.

フォーエバーXXIにて、カナちゃんと 🙂 メンズも今あるんだね。知らなかった。

we went back to Torrance for dinner at Chinese Bufet. its the one on Hawthrone nad Lomita (i think) in the same plaza as Sushi Ken and Yakitori Shin. $12.99 and they got good foods unlike the other Chinese buffet.

買い物の後はトーランスに戻ってチャイニーズ・バフェへ。場所はホーソンとロミタ(だったと思う)のSushi Kenとか焼き鳥SHINがあるプラザ内。$12.99で食べ放題。しかもここ他と違っておいしいのよ飯が。

Round 1.

Round 2.

Round… ugh no more. i got too much greasy stuff and soooo fuuulllll.


by the way, heres what i got from today’s shopping spree.


2 T-shirt and a hat from H&M. and shoes from ALDO.


The Curve,

last Friday was The Curve at Senor Fish in LA.

先週末はセニョールフィッシュでThe Curveが行われましたぁ。

went together with GLAMOROUS Stage.

GLAMOROUS Stageさんと一緒に行きましたぁー。


I Forgot My Cable,

i brought my camera equipment and everything today. and i fogot my damn cable to upload the files 😦 and the stupid card reader on my laptop wont cooperate with me… ughhh the pics from The Curve will be uploaded tonight!! behind the scenes and the fashion show pics 🙂

今日はカメラの機材一式持って来た。それなのにケーブルを忘れたから写真がPCにアップ出来ない 😦 PCについてるカードリーダーは一緒に働いてくれないしまったくよぉ…あぁーあ。The Curveの時の写真は今夜にでもアップします!!舞台裏とかファッションショーとか 🙂

btw, i am looking for fashion models for the upcoming TOKYO STYLE at CLub TATOU on September 9th. if you know anyone that is interested, please let me know!! i did post it on FaceBook and ModelMayhem as well so if you have the two accounts or either one, please search for ‘Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa’.

ちなみに、9月にClub TATOUで開催のTOKYO STLYEに参加してもらえるモデルの子を募集中です。誰か興味ある人いたら教えて下さい!!フェイスブックとモデルメイヘムにもアップしてあるから、アカウント持ってる人は’Shinnosuke Jon Fujisawa”で検索してね。

the models will be representing GLAMOROUS Stage at the fashion show and will be on the main stage for a run-way 🙂 no experience is needed. if you know anyone or if you have any interest, please leave a comment with your email addy so i can reply back to you.

モデルの子達にはGLAMOROUS Stageとしてファッションショーに参加して頂きます。メインステージのランウェイで歩いてもらいます 🙂 経験は不要。興味のある人、モデル志望の友達など居たらぜひコメントとメールアドレスを残してもらえれば、メールで連絡しますので。


found this at Urban Outfitters. iPod hoodie.


if the front had a zipper to access the inside, it would have been much more useful.


Flea Markets and Farmer’s Market,


went to the Santa Monica Antique Flea Market over the weekend. didnt find anything though… unlike the Long Beach Antique Flea Market, it was really small. the only thing i was interested were those fries and hot dogs, which i didnt get to eat it 😦 haha



GLAMOROUS STAGE Spring/Summer 2009,

did a photo shoot while back for Kana-chan and the shots are on the web 🙂

結構前にカナちゃんとこの撮影やったよ。ウェブにアップされてます 🙂


At Saltys,

made a stop a Mc-D for Ima-san and dropped it off at Saltys yesterday.


its a surf/skate shop in Torrance/Gardena area.


my first visit here, i was only 13 yrs old… lol a decade plus one has been passed already lol time is flying by quick. couldnt even imagine my self working.


hooo Andy Ironsm surfers hall of fame 🙂

ひゃーアンディーアイロンズがサーファーの殿堂入りですよ 🙂

Saltys Sport

18212 S Western Ave.

Gardena, CA 90248


QIO, Day Two

so heres day two at QIO for the sale event.



QIO, Day One

QIO had a big sale event going on and i was called as one of the photographers for the venue 🙂 thanks Ko-chan. the event was a today (Saturday and Sunday) at QIO on Pico Blvd, West LA. foods, DJ, art works, and of course clothings and accessories.

QIOでセールのイベントがありましたぁ。そこにフォトグラファーとしてのお呼びがかかったので行って来た 🙂 有り難うコウちゃん。イベントは土日の二日間でした。場所はウェストLAのPICO沿いにあるQIOにて。食べ物とDJ,ちょいとした美術展。そしてもちろん洋服にアクセ。

even a baby wants a taste of fashion.




just an heads up for this upcoming event on July 11th and 12th.

don’t know why my name is JON SHINNOSUKE but… lol hahahaha

yes i will be there as the photographer for the photobooth 🙂