Eating Like a Bachelor Indeed,

Wife and kids out in the snowy Hokkaido for a month.

And didn’t even have time to update my blog lately.

Work is just killing me smalls (although I do tend to keep up with instagram… )

Its been a month now since my last post? man i really need to get the ball rolling on this blog again…

all i can say right now it Walder Frey is a piece of shiet!!

Racing Stripes,

Day… 5? And wifey, already got a new racing stripe on the Sienna… lol


Coloring is inspired by Ferrari Stradales??


New Work-top,

my work laptop’s been upgraded, and got my dual screen back.


But, I realized the Lenovo’s aren’t that awesomely super duper fast. been a bit glitchy… oh well.


one thing i REALLY HATE; Fn key is in the corner with Ctrl key inside. arghh…