My Asian Poses,

was chill’n at Starbucks in West LA. yea, went to West LA and Starbucks. what a day… hahaha me and buddy Kai came here to see Sang, who will be leaving to Korea end of this month. its sad that a good friend i knew for 6 years is leaving. well, lets cheer her good luck for her new departure 🙂 we will miss you Sang!!

ウェストLAのスタバでまったりしてましたぁ。っつかウェストLAの方まで行ってスタバかよって感じだけど…ww。俺とカイでサンちゃんに会いに行きました。サンちゃん今月末には韓国に帰っちゃうんだよねぇ。6年も知ってる仲の良い友達が居なくなってしまうのは寂しい事ッス。寂しがっててもしゃーなぃけどね。皆、サンちゃんの新しい旅立ちを応援してあげよう :) 

look what i got.


a venti coffee light frap with no whip. i dont understand why some people adds whip on it when its lighten. same with the de-caf. why do they add a whip!? dude, thats meaningless cuz you are adding a extra weight there!!


we decided to show our Asian Poses tonight.


here’s Sang with the v-sign.


she knew it by heart what to do… lol


me with the punch in the face.


and Kai, takes the win.


a perfect symmitrical small heart lol


o yea, btw my links are back up!! yaaaay 🙂 dont know why it happened… but, ya.

あ、ちなみにリンクのとこ直った!!いえぇぇぇい :) なんでかはわかんないけど…まぁ、ね。

So, We Gotta Winner Here

***Courtesy of MSN News***

its been a while since a last democrat party have one the election. i belive its 8 years? well, Mr. Barrack Obama is our new predisedent of the United States of America. so whats going to happen next? unfortunately, i was not paying attention to the election as much. i was more of the Hilary fan since i loved the times when Bill Clinton was the president. such a peaceful time i had. now that it makes me more of a nostalgic feeling since these days were piece of shiet due to sub prime loans and other b/s. but shes not there any more… so whats next? is Barrack Obama really gonna cut off the relationship of some asians?? like Japan? mang if he does surely we are in biiiig trouble… 😦 damn maybe i gotta start looking for another job… lol well, see what happens to the economy.

民主党が政権を握るのは久しぶりの事らしいですね。確か8年ぶりとか?バラック・オバマ氏がアメリカ合衆国の新大統領に当選しました。で、次に何が起こる?残念ながら自分はあまり選挙に興味を持っていなくて政治の事はあまりわからないんですが…特に選挙なんて、自分はヒラリー派だったものですから。ビル・クリントン氏が政権を握っていた時代は僕にとってとても平和な時代でした。まぁ、まだ何も知らないガキんちょでしたがw。今じゃ郷愁に満ちた思い出でしかないですから。それと違って今はサブプライムローンだとか他のゴタゴタでめっちゃワチャワチャになってるじゃないですか。まぁ、ヒラリー氏はもう選挙には居なかったんで。って事で次は何が起きる?バラック・オバマ氏は本当にアジアなどの物流を鎖国するつもりなのか?日本とか?っつかマジそんな事になったらウチの業界は大打撃なんだけど… 😦 そろそろ違う仕事でも探そうかな…(笑!!でもまぁ、経済の動きがどうなるか目が離せないですね。

by the way, what would have happened if McCain have one the election? since his wife is into drifting with her C5 or C6 Chevy Corvette, will thing have been better within the automobile industry?? hahha i was kind of hoping for that… and plus he was more supportive about the asian countries like Bush. but, oh well. good luck Mr. Obama!!