Deep Black,

shots from last night’s Fabulous at Libertine.

昨晩のFabulous at Libertineの写真。

i love using the transmitter now.


i love this underground-ness of the shots. official update will be in color at afro99.com shortly. but for now, enjoy the monochromatic version for some of the shots.


special guest, DJ Fumi aka Hilow from C.O.R.E. Entertainment

ちょいと早いけど誕生日おめでとうユウキ 🙂

thanks for all who came last night!! see you next time 🙂

来て頂いた皆さん有り難うございます!!また次回もぜひ 🙂

FABULOUS, at Libertine West Hollywood

past Saturday was “FABULOUS” at Libertine in West Hollywood.


there goes the very first customer for the night, 8:52pm.


first off with M.E.G. starting off the crowds.


we had free sake tasting till 10pm that night. thank you Kenji-san 🙂

10時まで日本酒の試飲会もありました。ご馳走様でケンジさん 🙂

packed Sunset Blvd of usual Saturdays.


more and more people rolling in, 9:07pm.


Libertine was packed birthday party with a farewell party and graduation party.


i randomly ran into Rogan-san 🙂 didnt want any pics though 😦 i will sneak up to you next time when i see you… lol hahaha

ばったりローガンに会った :) 写真に写りたくなかったみたいだけど :( 次会った時はこっそり盗撮してやるかんね…笑ww


we pop champagne~!!


i always take two cameras for the club snap. one xsi with the kit lens (yes i wish i could afford the expensive wide angles lol) and one 7D with my Sigma 50mm F1.4. but, my hot shoe on my xsi was not cooperating with me tonight 😦 my speedlite did not link up with the camera… gotta get it over hauled soon i guess.

毎回クラブの撮影の時はカメラ2台体制です。キットレンズ(広角のLとか欲しいけど金無いw)で頑張るXSI(Kiss x2)とシグマ50mmのF1.4が付いてる7D。今回、XSIのシューマウントがどうやらブッ壊れたらしく仕事してくれんかった 😦 スピードライトがリンクされず…。そろそろオーバーホールしないと駄目かな。

thanks for every one who came to Libertine!! was a great night. next will be July 10 🙂 see you guys there again!! 🙂

リバティンに来て頂いた皆様有難うございます!!楽しい夜でした。次回は7月10日 🙂 また次回ッ!! 🙂

more pics from the night will soon to be updated at afro99.



went to Ketchup the other day with Yuki-chan 🙂

この間ケチャップに行って来ました。ユキと 🙂

btw that one cafe, “CAFFE PRIMO” was pretty tempting.

ちなみに、隣に見える「CAFFE PRIMO」めっちゃソソったね。


we went to Ketchup for our “job well done” party. hahah had a little project going on with Japan’s band. currently i am on the last review for multiple designers.if i get this contract, my payments will be much more easier hopefully 🙂 i havent got a reply yet though…

打ち上げのため、ケチャップに行きました。今、日本のとあるバンドのサンプルを作ってました。現在、最終審査まで通ってます。これで契約が結べれば俺の支払いがかなり楽になるはず :) まぁ、まだ返信は無いんですけどねぇ…

heres what i got. think it was called Shake N’ Bake. smelled like garlic the next day lol


heres what Yuki ordered. the shrimp pasta.


also had like kobe beef hot dogs and some bomb azz onion rings.


the outside.


we had to go downstairs to pick up my car from the vallet parking.


for this shot, my hands hit the elevator roof lol




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