Lotus Cup USA, Auto Club Speedway,

with the Redline and Moto IQ people, members from the Lotus Cup USA was running the track. mmmm i love Lotus. wish i can fit and i’d buy it lol but yea, here’s the shots from the Lotus Cup cars. enjoy.

レッドラインとMoto IQと一緒にロータスカップUSAの人達もサーキット走ってた。いややっぱイイねロータス。体は入れば買うのになぁー(笑。とまぁ、ロータスカップの写真です。どうぞ。


Dai’s Driving Academy 2

past Saturday was Dai’s Driving Academy 2 over at El Toro Field in Irvine, CA. on the way to the venue was raining. not a hard rain but rained for like good 10minutes or so.

先週の土曜日は稲田大二郎氏主催のDai’s Driving Academy 2と言う走行会がアーバインのエルトロで開催されました。行きしなは雨も小降りでしたね。ヒドイ雨ではなかったけど10分ぐらい降ってたかな。

whats for breakfast? of course.


sausage egg muffin with hashbrown in between and orange juice from McDonalds. bought one for Kana-chan and dropped it off at her house too 🙂

マックより、ソーセージエッグマフィンにハッシュブラウン挟んでオレンジジュース。カナちゃんのぶんも買って家に置いて来たよ 🙂

it was cloudy the whole time but guess it was better to have it this way so that the track temperature stayed low. sucked for the vendors though because the booths were flying everywhere… lol our booth almost hit this one car who parked next to our booth.


what i had for lunch? got my self some tacos.


all vendors recieved 4 pieces for free 🙂 thanks Inada-san!! that red sauce was maaad good.

出展者は4個まで無料 🙂 有り難うございます稲田さん!!あの赤いソースが美味かった。

below are shots from the event. i dont think i have all of the drivers though… sorry.



REDLINE Time Attack -more photos-

here are more photos from the time attack. only if i had the media pass and the zoomy lens… lol i could of got better shots… gotta get things ready.



Driving Ambition. too bad i couldnt meet Shad in person. Driving Ambition is my very first customer who bought some NSX LSD kits when we first oficially distributed (not grey marketing) OS Giken.

Driving Ambitionは僕の一番最初のお客さんです。以前OS技研がUSでグチャグチャになっていた時に(理由を知っているだけに気まずい…)LOT USAが正規輸入元になった時にNSX用のデフを買ってくれた最初のお客様です。オーナーに会えなかったのが残念。彼は来てなかったそうです。

koooool someone actually had the ZODIA (Elise & Exige exclusive seat) installed into their car!! this seat, its really small. only half of my ‘crack’ fits… unfotunately, the seat itself is not FIA approved… wondering if Japan will it FIA approved or not… people do ask us about it.. i doubt it though 😦


literally, this guy had smokes coming out from the hood vent. what happned?


BMW. i forgot if it was this guy or the other BMW, but every single turn i saw, the tires were locking…


GST’s GC8. (thanks Dom lol)


Crawford’s Sti. how come i don’t see more of these guys on the street? personally, i like this more then the EVO X. i see the EVO X a lot mor often. hmmm…


Road Race Engineering’s Eclipse. i think i saw this at MOD.

Road Race Engineeringのエクリプス。昨日のMODに居たと思う。



i saw this Miata overtaking one of the evo on the straight… was the evo going slow? or this Miata was super duper fast? didn’t seem to be that fast when exiting the corner…


COBB’s R35 GTR. so, how did the GTR go? should kept the score…


should i be a model? haahha thanks for the pic arthur 🙂