Dai’s Driving Academy 3

i was at Dai’s Driving Academy 3 this past Saturday.

先週末の土曜日はDai’s Driving Academy 3に行ってましたぁ。

practicing my pictures again.


stop by at Mc Donalds of course for my 2 sausage egg muffin plus extra hash brown and orange juice 🙂 and to the gas station for the large size red bull try to get my wings, water, and cigarettes to be ready for the day!!

朝はマックでソーセージエッグマフィン2個のセットにハッシュブラウン一個追加でオレンジジュース 🙂 そしてガススタで翼を得るために無駄にデカめなレッドブルと水(大)とタバコで今日一日の準備は完了!!

first to the drift course per Inada-san. he wante more drifting pics this time.


and here i am, far away from the pit/paddock area.



Fun Times, AGS Rd.2

i was flipping through my hard drive and found the pics my friend were taking at AGS (American Gymkhana Series) Rd.2. the venue was at the El Toro Air Field over at Irvine, CA. date is 6/16/2007. year and a half ago already… so, just thought of posting some pics just to share. this event was pretty kool. it was more like an industry picnic 🙂 sounds fun yea? well maybe not. hahha. some of the famous driver were there too. like Ken Blocks, Yoshi-king, (was Tanner there? dont quite remember…), Nadine from Drifting Pretty was there, that RS*R S2000 (forgot who was driving), and many other heads. stock class, street class, unlimited, fun times. below are some of the pics.

ハードの中を色々と見てたらAGS(アメリカン・ジムカーナ・シリーズ)の大二戦の写真が出てきたよ。場所はアーバインにあるエル・トロ飛行場(?)。6・16・2007だもん。ってなわけで、アップしてみよぅかなと思いまして。結構楽しかったよこのイベント。どっちかって言うと業界の人達でピクニック的な感じだったしね 🙂 楽しそうでしょ?ん?そぅでも無いッスか?あぁーマジっすか?ww。結構有名なドライバーも来てましたよ。ラリーのケン・ブロックスとか、吉岡さん、(タナーって居ましたっけこん時?あんま覚えてない…)、Drifting PrettyのナダインとかRS☆RのS2000(誰が乗ってたか忘れたw)、とか他にも色々とね。純正クラスからストリートとアンリミテッドと、色々楽しかったです。下はそん時の写真。

been a gret help guys!! from left, Yushi, Daniel, Kei, Roy.


huuuge ENEOS bottle lol


it was HOT this day.



hi Nadine~


kinda miss my gti now… 😦

最近、昔のGTIが恋しい… 😦

yea, we got bored.


she was the best looking chik at the venue.


after the event was my turn to run.


i end of eating the cone and cracked my front lip lol


unfortunately, they event has been discontinued. this day was the last round 😦 wish they can bring this event back so we can have fun again. stock cars with zero experience can enter the event and thats the fun part. hopefully more people will experience on motorsports and have a great time.

残念ながらこのイベントはもうやってないんですよね。この日が結局最後になってしまいました 😦 またやって欲しいなぁーこれ。絶対に楽しいから。それに、こう言ったイベントは車ノーマルで素人でも出れるから楽しいよね。もっとモータースポーツを楽しんでくれる人が増えると良いッス。

Super Gymkhana at Night Shift Pomona

this past saturday, August 9th was Nigh Shift Pomona. On the side, there was the Motorcross flying from the ramp making huge flys, XDL Show with the motor cycles doing wheelies and making donuts etc, live performances, hot chicks walking around, etc. and where i was hosting was for the Super Gymkhana which was the very first event together with HIN and Aerodyne Industries.

先週末の土曜日、8月9日はポモナでのNight Shiftと言う車のイベントでした。カーショーの横っちょではモトクロスがもんのスゲーぶっ飛んでたり、XDLショーでバイクがウィリーやったりぐるぐる回ってたり、ライブパフォーマンスやら姉ちゃんズが歩き回ってたりエトセトラなイベントでしたよ。そんな中自分が手伝ってたのはスーパージムカーナのイベント。今回は記念すべき第一回目のHINとAerodyne Industriesさんのイベントです。

now lemme just go over with Gymkhana real quick. its something similar to auto-cross but with more usage of the actual track, or course. which means more room for drifting as well. its better to see then listen. please take a look at the clip i found with our race car from 10 years ago back in 1998  racing in class D.


understood a little more about gymkhana now? 🙂


Aerodyne Industries has been hosting the gymkhana evetn for quite a while now. and it was there very first time hosting it together with HIN. special thanks to Thanh from HIN for connecting them together. we had total of 19 drivers. -1 since one of the cars caught on fire. What was not fair was Quoc Ly driving in the race. a Formula D driver running with the amateurs… hahha thats not fair!! well, unfortunately, or fortunate by the judges? lol he did not take first place. as i was judging, Quoc was a bit slow on the speed. Performance point was perfect since he was drifting from start to finish, but the speed was in a lack. the time was only like a second difference but this still made a lot of difference on score. for me, the best run was Quoc (S14) against Omar (FC3S). this was a real hard match to judge for us. with the other judges including me representing LOT USA/BRIDE, Brian from High End, Toshi from Blitz, Keith from Nukabe/Cusco, and Andy from Aerodyne really had a hard time judging on this. the time was really the biggest factor of who took the win. Omar was a second faster then Quoc, leading him to 1st place.

Aerodyne Industriesさんは結構長いことジムカーナのイベントをホストしていたらしく、今回がHINとの初合同イベントになるそうです。特に感謝するべきはHINのタンさん。有難うね!!合計で19人のドライバーが居ました。そこから一台棄権しました。燃えたらしい。これだからショーカーは…。選手の中でもズルいと思ったのがクオック・リー。彼フォーミュラーDの選手じゃんね…アマチュアと一緒に走るのはかなり卑怯だ!!と思ったけど残念ながら(審査員の思惑通り?w)クオックは1位獲得ならず。審査してたからわかるんだけど、クオックはドリフト上手いのに、進入速度からコーナー出口まで遅いッス。ほんと1秒とかの差だったんだけど、やっぱタイムは大きかったね点数に。もったいない。ちなみに、一番盛り上がった試合はクオック(S14)とオマール(FC3S)の一戦。両者共一歩も引かずの大接戦。いや、審査に困ったx2。自分(LOT USA/BRIDE)を含む他の審査員、ブライアン(High End)、BLITZのトシさん、ヌカベ/クスコのキースさん、そしてエアロダインのアンディーさんは悩む悩む。まぁ結局クオックのタイムが原因で金星はオマールへ。そして彼はそのまま優勝。

since Brian took some shots from the Race, i will post them under his courtesy 🙂


here’s the course lay out.


a kool shot with the airplane in the back ground.


a shot of Omar’s FC RX-7.


was she in the cage or the guys were in the cage? thanks for passing out give aways!!



Drift Speed’s S15. the driver was Takeshi Aizawa. during his last run, the car’s movement was not his usual runs. and i asked him what happen Takeshi-san? he said he worn out the tires when he was doing the burn out to bring back the audiences… lol hey, it wasnt my idea!! hahha


i was hella sick this day and made it worse…. lol


here’s the link to Brian’s gangsta orginal blog’s gymkhana post.



here’s a staff pic i got from Quin over at Aerodyne today. Thanks Quin!!


Me, MC??

yes. hahha as the title says, i will be one of the MCs for upcoming gymkhana event at Night Shift in Pomona Fairplex, CA this Saturday August 9th 2008. hahah why do i have to do it… lol i cant even talk. i stutter, i’m a fob, i’m Shinnosuke mang… lol hahha. well, some people wanted me to do it, so i will 🙂 see you guys there!!

そうなんです。タイトル通り。今週の土曜日8月9日のNIGHT SHIFTのイベントでジムカーナのMCやります僕。場所はポモナのフェアープレックス。なんで俺なんだよ…笑。喋れないし、ドモるし、田舎モンだし、しんのすけだよマジで(涙。なんか色んな人の推薦で選ばれたらしので、頑張ります 🙂 みんな向こうで待ってるよ!!本当は来なくていいけどw