International Order,

got this email the other day from a customer titled as “International Orders”.


here’s that email.


「Dear Sir

My name is  xxxxxxx from singapore I would like to buy some goods below :


Please tell me when you have them in your stock. If you do not have them,

please tell me what is in your inventory right now.
But, if you do have them, please send me the price list or the total cost.
About the payment, I do hope that I could use my credit cards, because it is

the fastest and safest way for me. Besides, I will get a good rate and good

cash back from the credit card issuer.
And please tell me what time do you ONLINE ?
I hope I could send my credit card details when you are ONLINE, so you could

check the validity of the card and proceed my order at the same time.
I will be looking forward to hear from you.
Thanks and Regards,

Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Singapore,

hey hey, we are BRIDE, not SPARCO lol


this guys seems like a scam. sounded fishy to me. why did he desperately wanted to use the credit and why did he wanted me to check validity (why not verify? lol) the text looks funky too. probably used a translation tool. speaking of translation tools, some people actually check my blog to see if they are correct or not lol got some referrs from the translation result pages. guess im not trusted by some of the readers lol hahha


well anyways, heard theres a lot of scams out in Singapore. and aftermarket industry seems to have these kind of azz holes around . oh my oh my.


We Do Not Finance BRIDE Seats

sometimes we get lame phone calls. well, maybe all the times. asking us about how low the RECARO seats will set with the BRIDE rails. my SPARCO seat does not fit my BRIDE rail. is the recliner model FIA. why the seats on eBay so cheap. i dont fit and want to return… now this phone call, thinking of this  stupid economy deflation’s effect i think its understandable where i get calls saying “can i finance the seats?” hey, financing you said? …lol i mean, yea you can probably pay bills to our distributors and dealers until the back order products arrives. but come on? we aint gonna check your credit history every time you are planning to purchase a BRIDE seat. do you think any after market company will let you finance their product?? NO i dont think so buddy. if you are that desperate to buy our seat, quit buying FHM magazine or whatevers you use to spend your happy hour in midnight to work out your right hand (or left hand) andsave up. and stop wasting little coins for those iPhone applications you download every hour. geesh.