Guest Today,

Jiro-san came down with his new camera.


he bought the Nikon D90. Jiro-san, your pinky is up… lol hahhaha


he just sent me this pic lol


o yea, look what i found in the office, EOS650 and EZ300 speedlite.



Buddy Kent bought the OLYMPUS recently.


he bought the E420 with the ZUICO 28mm F2.8 lens. the camera is nice and compact with a lot of features. i like it how the white balance can be adjusted with the temperature within this class range. or am i been lost in the old models? hahaha its only 10mp, but its 10mp. how many people needs an 60mp Phase One digital back? well, i want it, but not necessaryfor me. the contorl buttons are simple and coordinated.

E420とズイコーの28mm F2.8を彼はゲット。このカメラ小さくてなかなか。個人的に好きなのが、このクラス内でホワイトバランスが色温度で調節出来るってのが好き。それとも最近のって全部出来るの?俺って時代遅れもしかして?ww。画素数は10メガピクセル。されど10メガ。一体世の中に何人の人が60メガピクセルのPhase Oneを必要としてるのさ?まぁ、俺欲しいけど。今の自分には必要無いので。コントロール系のボタンもシンプルで使いやすいよ。

now lets compare the camera with my old old, ooold FUJIFILM point & shoot camera. lets how the old COMPACT digital camera is…


lol, that old camera is humongous hahahaha


SIGMA 50mm F1.4 EX DG

i recently got SIGMA’s 50mm F1.4 EX DG 🙂

最近シグマの50mm F1.4 EX DGゲッツです 🙂

mmmm nice. came with a little carrying case as well. my other SIGMA, the 28-300mm didnt come with a case 😦 yea yea cuz this 50mm is the EX series… hahha

イイねぇ、これ。持ち運び用のケース付だったよ。自分のもう一本持ってるシグマの28-300mmなんかケースついてなかったよ 😦 これがEXとの違いか…w

took some random shots with it at home.


nice and soft 🙂 the focus point gets nice and sharp.

ヤワいねイイ感じで 🙂 ピントがあったところはスゴイくっきり。

o yea, i am now one of the Tokyo Night 009’s official camera man at the venue 🙂

あ、そうそう。東京ナイト009のオフィシャルのキャメラマンになりました 🙂

thanks to Kei and U-ki and Shin!


Nikon D90,

***courtesy of Shinji Watanabe aka blackeyes***


the above music clip has been recorded by Nikon’s D90. the original song is Sober, by P!nk. btw, kool song 🙂 this clip was made for the camera test only. the band members are not real members but a pro-fashion models. the video looks awesome yea? love the taste of the clip.

上の動画はニコンのD90で撮影されたそうです。オリジナルの曲はP!nkのSober。カッコイイ曲やね 🙂 このクリップはカメラのテストで作った作品だそうです。バンドメンバーの人達はプロのモデルさん達らしいです。このクリップカッコイイすね。イイ味出てます。

here is some info on the clip. the whole clip was shot by Nikon D90 as mentioned. edited on Adobe Premier CS4. no special effects has been added on. only the first couple texts on the beginning (added by After Effects CS4) and thats it. some how, the D90’s AVI clip will not work on the Premiere’s sequence. so, had to download a media convertr to batch it. plus, update the file to 720P 24 frame non-compressed file.

この動画は最初にも言ったとおり、ニコンのD90で撮影されています。編集はAdobeのプレミアCS4で。エフェクトなんかは一切使用していないそうです。最初の文字のとこら辺だけAfter Effect CS4で追加したぐらいだそうです。ちなみに、D90のAVIはプレミアのシーケンスでリアルタイムで動かないそうです。なのでメィデアコンバーターでバッチ処理を施して、720P24フレームで非圧縮ファイルに変換してあるそうです。

***all sources from blackeye_photo blog***

link shown below the youtube clip.


well, dont really know about making a video clip.


my question is, do you really need a movie on a digital SLR? yea i mean its digital and all those but not least point and shoot (even my Minox Leica M3 has it) camera has the ability to shoot a movie. even cellphones. not talking shiet about the above clip though. i have respect for his work of course. and its not that i hate it too. but i dont know, it just doesnt fit me well with this digital SLR and movie thingy.



Saturday Drive

yea i know.. its already Tuesday… i just hate uploading my blog on the weekend… i got better stuff to do than staying online on the weekends mang!!!! hahahaha 😛 and i cant really uploaded from my phone either.. iPhone time? lol

まぁ、もう火曜日なんだけどね…週末ってあんまブログアップしなぃかも… ブログなんか書いて家に居るよりかは週末は外に出て遊んでる方が楽しいんだよチクショウ!!!ww。携帯からのアップ出来ないし俺w。そろそろiPhoneか?w

had extra time and since the weather was nice and clear, was a bit cold but, went out for a random drive with muh Zeee weee. where to? didnt want to drive that far by myself.. thats… lonely lol haha so i went up to Palos Verdes just for a cigarette. dude, dont call me a loner. me had extra time 🙂 lol

ちょっと時間に余裕があり、天気も良かったので、ってもちょい寒かったけども、適当にドライブに行って来ましたウチのジェットモンガロンこと、Z33ちゃんと。何処へ行く?一人でそんなに遠くには行きたくなかった…寂しいじゃん(笑)ってなわけでパロス・バーデス、通称パロ山(なんだこの呼び方…)へタバコでも吸いに行く事に。暗い子って言わないで。ただ時間に余裕があっただけなの :) ww

gotta get some gas before i go. dude, the gas price wen up again…


from the Chevron on Western and Artesia.


driving up on Crenshaw to Palos Verdes.


cigarette breakette.


ahh the sun’s setting. wish a hot chick was next to me, not by my self.


whats the lens that has more flare and ghost? i kinda wanted a little more…


National Geographic style hahaha


ok, back to home.


traffic on Torrance Blvd with the train running.



yay finally bought my SLR digi-cam 🙂 i got the CANON EOS REBEL XSi.

やっとデジタル一眼レフを買いました。CANONのEOS REBEL XSi。

i was looking at the 40D but it was $500 more… didnt think i’m able to use that $500 difference to the full capacity at this time. hahha. now that the batter is fully charged, i’m shooting such a random stuff in my room. from a clock to a can of coke and necklace.




to me, the XSi was easier to operate then the NIKON D50 which i use to barrow from ENEOS. all the settings will be on the actual 3 inch lcd screen on the camera body. this lcd is very clear. the button operation is smooth and with some high class feeling. ISO setting from 100-1600. the lens that came with the kit is 18-55mm and 1/3.5-5.6. i was looking for a lens with f2.5 or lower but they didnt have any in stock at the time so… yea. the thing i didnt like is their live view. maybe its because of my settings, but when i use the live view, the shutter speed becomes slower. hmmm.. gotta find a trick if i could fix this problem or not. but the great part of the live view is, when you change the shutter speed settings or like the f numbers, it actually shows on the lcd how the picture will come out. probably set the number from the live view and then shoot the subject manually from the lens. but over all, i really love this camera 🙂