as i wrote in the previous blog post, went to go pick up some wheels today.


yes it’s mine!!


WEDS Sport, SA55M

for the front.


and for the back.


Black Blue Machining and Matte Gray Machining,

yea, gonna wear different color on each side… lol its kinda old, but what evers.


damn iPhone4 camera… lol oh wait, thats why they have HDR hahahaha


i will be getting my tires tomorrow 🙂

明日タイヤが届きます 🙂

special thanks to WEDS and Yokohama Tires!!

WEDSとYokohama Tiresアリガトウございます!!

350Z Tomei Expreme Dyno Run, Results

i was at SR Motorcars.


getting my car strapped on.


hi Micchan 🙂 thanks for the beef jerky.

やっほうミッちゃん 🙂 ビーフジャーキー有り難う。

yes, finally did the dyno on the exhaust last night.


special thanks to SR Motorcars!! thanks Steve!! 🙂

SR Motorcarsのスティーブにスペシャル有り難う!! 🙂

SR Motorcars

115 East Gardena Blvd.

Gardena CA 90248



the result,


Dynojet, 7/12/2010 run type RO, run conditions 79.69°F, 1021.77mBars, humidity 20%, SAE 0.97

max horsepower: 264.08hp (baseline 250.98hp)

max torque: 228.08ft-lbs (baseline 211.31ft-lbs)

the engine is complete stock. not even a aftermarket air filter in. gasoline is 91 octane from Chevron, and the engine oil is 5W30 from ENEOS. other here and there is the HKS suspension and the OS Giken LSD only. and i gotta say thank you to Steve-san from Power Enterprise for bringing me the oil filter from Costa Mesa to Gardena 🙂 i love you Steve. no homo.

エンジンはまったくの純正です。アフターのエアーフィルターも使ってません。ガソリンはチェブ論の91オクタン。エンジンオイルはエネオスの5W30。イジったとこと言えばHKSのサスとOS技研のデフぐらい。そしてパワーエンタープライズのスティーブ、マジで有り難う!!コスタメサからオイルフィルター持って来てもらいました 🙂 愛してるぜスティーブ。モーホーじゃねーからなw。

will this be a great seller?


hi Steve-san.


great day for a dyno testing i guess?


hi Edo-san.


did a quick shot afterwards. damn wind, it knocked down my umbrella and the speedlight… lol should have brought reflectors instead.


oh, forgot to take off the plates… oh well.


Wilwood Brake Kit

our customer in Japan sent me a pic of their S30Z with the Wilwood brake kit.


they like the kit. no crack, the caliper is stayed closed… 🙂

スゴいお気に入りのようです。クラックも無く、キャリパーも開いてないし… 🙂

Random Z Photo

yesterday, i just figured out that my base for the 580EX II had a hole to screw for a tripod or what ever. hahaha i had that for like 2 months now i guess and never noticed that… lol oh well, since i figured out, lets go try it on the stand! since i do have a transmitter, had the 580 as the slave on the side. and just took a random shot last night.

昨日、580EX IIの付属ベースの下にネジ穴がある事を知りました。三脚とかストロボ用の穴だろうね。2ヶ月ぐらい使ってて初めて知ったよこお穴…(笑。せっかくなので、遊んでみようじゃないですか!トランスミッターも持ってる事なんで、580をスレイブとして使用。んで適当に撮ってみた。

woops, focused on the strob… lol



yes i got the 2008 NISSAN 350Z, Enthusiast package 🙂 brand new. i only have like 160miles on it right now as of September 22nd, 2008. my impression of the vehicle is simply, amazed. its actually my first time owning a fr machine with a 6 speed. i use to drive around Non’s (Enonvativ Force) S13, S14, Miata, and his RX8. but as my car, its my first time. pop the cherry! lol the engine is a VQ35HR, a 3.5L V6. the engine is just plain awesome-ness. such a torqueful car. the handling is great. the nose of the vehicle is easy to control with a great feeling of the steering wheel. it is a fun to drive car on the weekends. the only problem for me is, its a bit small lol as i’ve mentioned on past blog posts, sucks to be a 6’3. can barely, i mean barely fit in a FD3S RX7… lol i will be working on driving position once i get extra cash for them, but now, i am BROKE. hahhaha any corporate sponsorship will be happliy taken and signed 🙂 hahhaha

買っちゃいましたNISSANのZ33、フェアレディー。めっちゃ新品です。今日付け(2008年9月22日)で160マイルぐらいしか走ってません。車に乗った感想は、驚きです。実際にFR車を購入するのは初めてで、ついでに6速も初めてで。今までは先輩(Enonvativ Force)のS13,S14ロードスターにRX8を乗り回してたんですけど、自分のは初。童貞喪失!!ww。エンジンは3.5LのVQ35HR。ヤバイねこのエンジン。めっちゃトルクの太さを感じます。ハンドリングも良いし。頭の入りが良くて、思ってたよりもコントロールしやすい。ステアフィーリングも最高。週末走りこむにはもって来いの車輌ですね。文句があるとすれば、ちょいと狭い(笑。前のブログでも書いたように、192cmです僕。FDのセブンなんかギリだよギリ。ってかむしろ無理ww。お金に余裕が出来たらドラポジをどうにかしなければ。でも今はなんと言っても、一文無し。笑えるww。スポンサーになってくれる人がいたら速攻でサインしますよー 🙂 ふふふ。