BRIDE Goes to Belgium,

i just found a pic from Belgium where i sold a pair of BRIDE EXAS III for.

ベルギーにBRIDEのEXAS IIIを買って頂いたお客さんの写真を見つけた。

special thanks to Ronnie 🙂

ロニーさん有難うございます 🙂

nice driveway btw.

Delivery Status,

delivery for 24 gallons total of oils to logistics.


damn Z, no trunk space at all… lol 12 gallons (2 cases) was the max…


so, to the front.


full bucket seat doing its job to the max. the cases didnt move at all lol



Drifting Event May 2nd,

past weekend was a drifting event at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, CA. the first event for them. there was a lot of visitors arriving at the venue then i was expecting. became a pretty busy day for us since we had our booth near the entrance 🙂 special thanks to Ali!!

先週末はカリフォルニア州、アナハイムのエンジェル・スタジアムでドリフトのイベントが開催されました。思ってたよりも会場にはお客さんが多かったですねぇ。ウチは中々忙しかったですよお蔭様です。ブースの場所も入り口のすぐ側だったので 🙂 D1のUS役員のアリーに感謝っす!!

had booth with WEDS wheels 🙂 that florescent yellow wheel was a eye candy.

今回はWEDSさんと一緒にブースの出展でした 🙂 あの蛍光イエローはかなりの注目でした。

this guys right here.


below are the other wheel we had there as for display.


we had the XAX II Limited Edition, and the new ZETA III XL (US only) as display.

ウチはXAX IIの限定版と、新商品のZETA IIIのXL(US販売のみ)をディスプレイしました。

Jason from MINE’S had a kool idea of displaying the shirts. Arigato mang 🙂

マインズのジェイソンがカッコよくTシャツをディスプレイしてくれました。ありがと 🙂

in front of us was GReddy, and Sasha Singleton was modeling. i loved her more before she got the implants… she is still hot, but i prefer the non-implants. who agrees with me???


over all, the event was… below average. why? first of all, the day for set-up, this one dude with some shades on came by with the kick-board strolling around our booth. came by and told us “you guys fuked it up.” i mean, wtf? buddy of mine told me the booth is here and i double checked with isle spacing and everything. and this kick-board shades motha fucka swings by and tells me to move. talking to me like that? couple minute later, he figured out HE was WRONG. but, never said sorry or anything. i was about to run up to him and jack his kick-board, throw it in the trash-can, shatter his cheapy shades, tie him up and drag that fool with my Z around the drift course.


i understand this was the first event. but wish it was more organized.


Bride on a BRIDE

yes, Mike’s bride Kelli is sitting on the BRIDE ZETA III on Mike’s time attack 350Z 🙂 this was for his engagement photoshoot by AltF.com Photography. such an honor for us to be a part of this kind of photo. good this we have our logo on the head rest!! hahaha i jacked some photos from his myspace to share. Mike said ok, so here it is.

そう。英語で嫁はBride。ウチのシートはBRIDE(ブリッド)。嫁がBRIDEに座ってるぅ~。これはマイクのタイムアッタク号Z33。写真撮影はAltF.com Photographyさんがやったそうです。いや、嬉しい事だよね、こういった記念物の写真にウチの商品が一緒に載るのって。ヘッドレストのとこにロゴがあって良かった!!笑。マイクのマイスペースからパクって来たよ写真を。ブログに載せてもイイって聞いたらOKもらったんで、載せます。

Crongratulation Mike and Kelli!!! 🙂

マイクとケリー、おめでとう!! 🙂


today was the R&D day for the new BRIDE seat. the ZETA III Type XL. finally a US big size came out from BRIDE. the big people couldnt fit in the regular ZETA III… i thought they were gonna snap off the bolsters when they tried sitting. the sizing, i think a size 42 inch will be nice and snug fit 🙂 by the way, this model is US limited. to place this seat’s position low as possible, another rail application has been added. Type XL seat rail. yea… lol hahaha

今日はBRIDEの新商品のR&Dの日でした。ZETA IIIのタイプXLです。やっとUSサイズが出ましたぁ。今までのモデルじゃアメリカ人とかのデカい人が入らなかったからね。横のボルスターなんかブチ壊すんじゃねぇーかと思ってたよ。サイズ的には、多分42インチのウェストサイズまでならイケるんじゃないかなぁ??そこら辺でイイ具合にフィットしてると思うんよね。あ、ちなみにこのXL、US限定ですので。シートポジションを低くするために、専用のレールも開発。タイプXLレールですw。

and here’s some of the pics.


the Type XL rail. looks like a FG but its slightly different.


you know, everytime i do the installation of some one’s seat, i find a lot of coins… lol


57 cents.

and here it goes. just testing to see if the rail fits or not. sorry, the car is dirty… 😦

さてさて。シートレールの仮止めッス。ゴメンね、車汚くて… 😦

and fits in perfectly 🙂

取り付けも完璧やろ 🙂

yea its a XL, barely clearing the doors.


from the top. the driver side, left shoulder bolster.


wish there was a little more space between the seat and the center… i could barely reach the slider lever… hahaha well, its a XL. you should adjust the seat belts for better accessibility.


took it out for a test drive after the installation. no problem at all. perfectly mounted, by ME!! hahaha seat position is now lower and i have extra space for my helmet 🙂 sucks to be tall huh? well, tall mans gets more attention from the chicks so its all good!! the down point is, we cant really fit in the LOTUS ELISE and EXIGE. i would have bought it if the car fits me. but no, fail big time.

取付け終わったし、テストドライブへ。問題無ぁーい。完璧な取付け、俺の力!!ww。これでシートポジションも下がったからヘルメットも被れるぅー 🙂 背高いと不便だよね。でもまぁ、チャンネーの目は釘付けだけどね!!w。でもやっぱ不便って思う事たくさん。ロータスに乗れないよねエリーゼもエキシージも。買おうと思ってたけども、ちょっとキツいんで、却下。


Customer’s Car

here is a beauty from Kevin, his EVO 🙂

GIAS Maziora with Hyper Black cushions.

not only re-upholster the back seats but plus the logo!! niiiice

***all photo courtesy to Kevin Lee***


Thanks for all the support Kevin!!

Joey Jordison Drum Solo

Joey from slipknot’s drum solo. is that a BRIDE seat hes sitting? lol


i love Neil Peart’s drum solo better though.. haha sorry Joey fans! but my personal opinion. come on, its a blog lol hahha but yea, i love Rush. specially that one song, “Limelight”. the bottom song is YYZ. the BEST 🙂

ニール・パーツのドラムソロの方が好きかな…ゴメンねジョーイーファンの人達!!でもこれは俺の個人的な意見なんで。ブログなんだしさぁ(笑。ラッシュ好きなんだよねぇ。特に「ライムライト」って曲がイイね。下の曲はYYZ。最強っしょ 🙂

Why a Recliner?

***CR1AGS, CUGA shown***

made a post of why choosing a full bucket before. i understand that not all people desires a full bucket. like i listed on the full bucket post, does not recline, too tight, blah blah blah. that is why we have the recliner models 🙂 feedback earned from the full bucket and the actual race scene, BRIDE recliner is a “Sport Seat” instead of a “Racing Seat”.


so what is the difference between a “Sport seat” and a “Racing seat”. a lot of the people brackets the after market seat with “Racing Seat”. but from my point of view, i do not think so. Racing seat is a full bucket. an actual seat that you can enter time attacks or circuit battels, rally, etc where it requires different criteria to enter the race. i do not mean others are not professional compared to the others. but the inspection for, lets say like the Auto Cross series, is less criteria that you have to pass. You can enter a Auto Cross event with the recliner type seat but you cant enter a time attack event with a recliner seat. that is why i placed it as “Sport seat” instead of “Racing seat”.


it does not mean that these “Sport seat” will not perform the same as the full buckets. all the bolsters are designed under the human ergonomics just like the full bucket but with more paddings and a recliner mechanism added for comfort. it will give you a better control over your steering wheel and less body roll compared to your stock seat. your eye level will be lower compared to the stock seats as well but not as the full bucket series. therefore, if you are in need of some more support, but the full bucket is a too much for you, there is a choice of recliner type seat. it will of course cost a little more then the full bucket, but the comfort and the performance you gain from installing this seat is worth it.