Nice and Clear but Windy,

a pretty busy day today at work 🙂 couldnt even update my blog until now (4:30p) lol so, here is a shot from the morning with my VIEWTY. nice and weather but its windy right now… heard its gonna rain on the weekend… hmmm

中々今日は会社が忙しい日ですよ 🙂 今までブログが書けなかったよ(現在4時半)笑。さて、VIEWTYでの今朝の一枚。イイ天気なんだけどねぇー、なんだか風が強いの。なんか天気予報では週末雨言うてるけども…んんん

the camera of the VIEWTY is so weak on back light.


oh well, its only a cell phone camera.


Foggy Morning Slows the Traffic,

it was pretty darn foggy this this morning which made the traffic slow…


by the school was pretty traffic-ing 😦

小学校のすぐそばはちょっとした渋滞に 😦

yea, my front windshield wiper is out and the TPMS is broken already.


Clouds After the Rain

morning cloudiness after the rain on Van Ness Ave.


***taken with my VIEWTY KE990***

hmmm its kinda cold this morning… 😦

ちょっと寒いに今朝は… 😦

***taken with MINOX LEICA M3***