Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL, July 1968

new toy.


1968, Mamiya/Sekor 500 DTL

i’ve been to the Long Beach Antique Flea Market nearly every month but never bought anything before lol and this is the first thing i bought at the flea market. $30 USD. could have negotiated the price lower since the strap was missing and there was a small dent on the upper body. other then that, everything works fine.

ほぼ毎月ロングビーチのフリマ には行ってるけど、一回も買った事が無いんです僕(笑。ってなわけで今回、めでたく初購入。3000円ぐらぃ。値段をもう少し値切れば良かった…。スト ラップ付いてなければボディーに軽いヘコみなんかもあったり。まぁ、完璧に動くからいいんだけどね。

came with the Mamiya/Sekor 50mm F2. pretty fast lens.

マミヤ/セコールの 50mmF2がついてた。中々明るい。

read that there is a adapter for Canons to mount these lens. gotta look for it.


fastest shutter speed is at 1/500 sec. by the way, 1000 DTL has a fastest shutter speed of 1/1000 sec. the shutter sounds heavier then my 7D, but cant be like a Leica M3.


on the side is a switch to choose sport metering or average metering.


luckily or not, the camera had film in it. a fujifilm 400. i opened the back cover without noticing so i think it got fwaked up though… we’ll see when it gets developed. i need to learn how to develop film now. i want to try!!