5 mega pixel camera phone

Because I Have a New Cell Phone,

bye bye VIEWTY. hello SC920!! 


recently got this used online. pretty good deal with the hyper-sim included. will this be able to take place of my VIEWTY?? they are both 5.0mp cameras.



its nice that the camera comes with 4x optical zoom instead of 4x digital zoom. the right image is with the 4x optical zoom of the camera. zoom quality is much more better then the VIEWTY.


macro, VIEWTY was much more better.


maximum ISO at 800. noise is not that bad.


no flares.


i’m starting to like this phone 🙂

なんか好きになってきたこの携帯 🙂

movie wise, VIEWTY was better since the resolution was higher and had a slo-mo of 120fps.


o, btw. my obento today 🙂 yesterday was a oyako-don. today is…

あ、ちなみに。今日のお弁当 :) 昨日は親子丼でした。今日は…

wooooot 🙂

おっほぉぉぉぉ 🙂