Taxes Taxes Taxes,

taxes taxes taxes.


seems like taxes are going up in some places.


Los Angeles County, 9.25% is now to 10.25%

another 1% up…


how come Laguna Beach (Orange County) is being lowered to 8.75%??


the nex tax rate will be effective July 1st 2009.


sigh 😦

溜息しか出ないよね 😦

9.25% Now,

so, California tax is now 9.25% starting April 1st, 2009. wish this was a April fool joke some how. but i guess not… the radio advertisement  from last week were saying to buy cars before the taxes raises. but duded who has the dineros to go buy a car right now? well,the Chinese has a lot of money (no offense!! just, jealous lol) the economy is not that good now a days. large numbers of Korean restaurants are closing down. havent keeping up with their currency. but for a while, their value was halved of what its worth.


from what i think, more taxes will mean more sacrifices for the hobbies. no? like, our industry, the aftermarket products 😦 it started to pick up right now though the good old days are just so full of nostalgia. not only the aftermarket industry but, everyone else. well, dental people are still ball’n. yesterday went to Mitsuwa to pick up some lunch, and mang the parking lot was vacant. and i dont know if its because of the economy or not, but i’m getting a lot of, dude A LOT OF “upgrade in motor in bed with viagra” advertisements… lol wtf? i get those kind of emails everyday in my inbox. i’ve always wanted to try it though, not now!! asians have a hard ones!! not big like the whites and blacks but hey, good thing comes in small packages!! lol

思うに、税金が上がるって事は、趣味をまず削るんですかね?特に、自分が籍を置いている業界、アフターパーツマーケットとか 😦 最近は徐々にですけど上がってはいます。でも昔の様には行かないですねぇ。懐古の念に囚われる一方ですよ。アフターパーツ業界だけじゃなくて、どこも一緒ですね。歯科技工士とかは儲かってるみたい。昨日はミツワへ弁当を買いに行ったのですが、これがまたガッラガラで。あと、経済が落ち込んでるのと関係あるのかはわからないけど、スゲー量で、ってーかものスゲー勢いで「君のベッドでのエンジンを、バイアグラでアップグレードしようぜ」なメールが…笑。なんでやねん?こんなメールが何通も来ます。確かに、昔っから試してみたかったけども、今じゃねぇー!!日本人は硬さが自慢だっ!!白人、黒人の様にはデカくないかも(ばかデカいのもいるけども)だけど、今の流行はコンパクトだっ!!笑

body builders are talking about tax issues on the forum.



found this thread while searching for more info.


here’s a link to the tax notice.



what now?